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The New and Improved Research Modernization Deal

Written by Dr. Emily Trunnell
January 2023

research modernization deal

PETA’s Research Modernization Deal (RMD) is the first comprehensive plan for phasing out the use of animals in experimentation. Originally released in 2018, it has recently been revised and updated to reflect the latest scientific developments and regulatory changes.

The RMD details the benefits of moving toward a research paradigm that doesn’t rely on the use of animals, from improving translation and reproducibility to reducing costs and, of course, sparing animals. It proposes actionable steps toward achieving this goal, including in this new edition a call for increased focus on education and training.

The bulk of the RMD is actually in its appendices, which describe 35 individual areas of biomedical research, medical training, toxicity assessment, and laboratory production methods in which the use of animals can be replaced immediately or in the near future.

Please share the RMD with your friends, colleagues, and legislators.

If you would like to obtain a hard copy, or provide a statement of support, please contact us at [email protected].