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Compassion and scientific breakthroughs aren’t mutually exclusive. Good science and sound ethics can propel us toward the shared goal of better health.

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View our library of critical publications discussing animal experimentation.

The Science of Animal Sentience →

Resources demonstrating the evidence for sentience in non-human animals.

Responses to Government Requests for Information

PETA’s Science Advancement & Outreach division submitted comments to publicly issued requests for information by the National Institutes of Health and other government agencies.

Animal Methods Bias Resources →

SAO is part of a task force addressing animal methods bias.

Scientific Critiques

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Three PETA scientists were featured in the documentary film Test Subjects, discussing how they left animal laboratories in order to advocate for better, animal-free science. Their experiences offer a searing critique of the current status quo, in which experiments on animals are still considered the gold standard—regardless of their pervasive failure. In fact, 90% of basic research fails to lead to any human therapies within 20 years and 95% of all new drugs—despite having passed safety and efficacy tests in animals—fail in human trials. Nevertheless, young scientists are still being pushed into conducting experiments on animals—but scientists at PETA are pushing back to let students know they don’t have to compromise their ethics in order to become scientists, doctors, or veterinarians.